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2 Kings 2:21

And he went forth unto the springs of waters and cast the salt in them and said: Thus hath the Lord said,

I have healed these waters, there shall be no more death or barrenness in them.

Changing the barrenness for a spring of living water.


To Support national pastors, Teach the local church,

Work with the many teenagers on the streets and

Raise Up the future generation of Christian leaders.


The Blosser family in Ecuador.

Mark and Cinthia in Ecuador
Manantial Ministries

Empowering the current leaders of the local Christian Church; 


Somebody Elses Story - John Waller
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Healing the brokeness of this generation of Ecuadorians, and raising them up to be the next generation of Christian Leaders.


Working with local pastors and christian leaders, training and supporting them in their ministries so that the word of God can go forth in love and truth.

Teaching the body of Christ how to have a personal relationship with their Lord, how to walk daily in His word; touching their lives through preaching, worship, teaching, counseling and seminars.

Reaching out to the children and showing them Gods love, His care and friendship for them; teaching them that no matter what they face in life, He is always faithful.


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